The best news is, you can put these gorgeous cards to use in many different ways.

Thanks to their durability and high-quality graphics, plastic cards can be used in a lot of different situations. They can be visual like most business cards, but they can interact with machines in many ways.

Given this huge range of possibility, any business can find a good use for a printed plastic card.

Plastic Can Be Eco-friendly You can reduce waste and keep used-up cards away from landfills by recycling your old plastic cards. In addition to being highly durable and lasting a long time, PVC cards are capable of decomposing under the right conditions.

If you want to show that your company cares about the environment, recycled plastic business cards are the way to go.

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We are a high-quality plastic card printer, specializing in custom card printing in full-color and in clear plastic cards made from durable PVC plastic, not cheap plastic, which you’ll find width other plastic card printing services. Printing on plastic cards can be difficult and requires precision. You’ll get superior results with our custom gift card and plastic business card printing process, even on small quantities.

You’ll be able to order any kind of business plastic cards with a whole range of options. It doesn’t matter if you require custom gift cards for a small business or plastic printing solutions for a large national brand, we are the go-to plastic card printing company that has been trusted by many businesses offering great prices. PLASTIC GIFT CARDS

Gift Cards Boost sales. Promote your business.

Make gift giving more convenient.

Gift cards bring in more sales with fewer product returns.

By purchasing directly from Plastic Card ID, you are growing business awareness, attracting new customers, and saving yourself money. Gift cards are a consistently popular high-selling item to add to any inventory, and shoppers are increasingly expecting them to be available. Offering plastic gift cards allows your customers to have an easy choice when they need a special gift, and it guarantees that recipients will patronize your business, with the possibility of becoming a repeat customer.

Increase customer satisfaction with renewable balance gift cards. Custom plastic gift cards have a magnetic strip or barcode to assign the dollar value. You’ll be able to control the cards’ value, so that you can generate a renewable balance and provide the possibility of repeat shopping, cross-selling, and in-store promotions.

Gift cards also tend to lead the buyer toward merchandise that has better margins, and they have also been shown to improve impulse buys. The best advantage is that there are no refunds on the balance remaining on the electronically controlled gift card.

Gift cards are a hot commodity and the market shows no signs of slowing down.

Plastic gift cards aren’t just for national retailers. Shoppers are growing to expect all merchants and business owners to offer the convenience of gift cards. Plastic Card ID provides custom plastic gift cards to a wide range of businesses, large and small, including: grocery, pet and gift stores; boutiques and specialty shops; florists and garden shops; automotive, oil changers and car washes; dentists and chiropractors; health clubs and golf courses; clothing and jewelry stores and beauty shops; restaurants and night clubs; and equipment rental stores.

Like our other customers, you will be able to trust the professionals at Plastic ID for unmatched, superior service while providing exceptional value. Our custom plastic gift cards are beautifully designed, competitively priced, and extremely durable.

You can upload your own artwork or work with our expert and friendly design team to create your very own custom gift card.

Our custom gift cards can be designed to be compatible with most POS software or service providers.

Use our online ordering feature or call us today to find out more about the available options and features of our customized plastic gift cards.

Be sure to ask how we can work with you to develop a unique plastic gift card for any project you have in mind.


If you’re looking for great looking membership cards, loyalty cards, or VIP cards for your customers, you’re in the right place.

Our company is the leader in developing membership cards known to separate you from your competitors.

Our cards are water-resistant, durable, and they are compatible with lots of POS and customer management systems.

If you have any concerns about compatibility issues, don’t hesitate to give us all call; our friendly staff may have helped others in similar circumstances. It is understood that attractive loyalty membership card help reinforce your message and branding with your most loyal customers and influence new customers to become members. Don’t settle and allow any printing service to create such a valuable asset for your business.

Our dedication to excellence ensures your valuable customers will truly appreciate your expertly crafted VIP membership cards. CUSTOM MEMBERSHIP CARDS

Create membership cards that are easy to use and customized to suit your business’s branding. Need to boost your membership program? We can help! Support Your Organization with Plastic Membership Cards

We provide custom membership cards for your business with logo and text and member barcodes.

Print customized membership cards at a low price.

Our pricing scheme involves wholesale pricing.

We are the authority in membership cards that set you apart from your competitors.

We make durable, water-resistant cards that are compatible with most customer management and POS systems. Beautiful loyalty membership cards strengthen your message and brand image with your customers.

Don’t settle for any printer to create this valuable marketing asset for your business.

Our commitment to innovation means your most valuable customers will love your VIP membership cards. Our custom plastic membership cards will help you remain top-of-mind for your customers, since they are as easy-to-carry as ID cards, discount cards, or VIP cards.

Because of the multiple uses for our plastic custom cards, people most often choose us for barcode printing, embossing, magnetic strips, and variable data printing at an affordable price for membership cards club member cards and library cards and more.

We also provide fulfillment services on plastic cards to save you time, space, and money.

Order your customized membership cards online or contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today! At Plastic Card ID, we print membership cards for organizations and institutions worldwide. PVC CARDS

Blank PVC CR80 Cards


You can print your own gift cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, or membership cards with our graphics quality blank PVC cards.

These cards can be used on the majority of photo card printers that are available today, such as Fargo, Data Card, Evolis, NBS, Magicard, and Zebra. Standard Basic Blank PVC Cards Standard blank plastic cards are usually made of durable PVC plastic. They come in a variety of forms like the standard CR80 or magnetic strip cards.

PVC cards are ideal for high-security, multifunctional ID card programs. CUSTOM PLASTIC BADGES Conference and Event Badges

Create a unique experience for event attendees with custom badges.